Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Enough Pressure? Change Your Vacuum Pump Oil !


Why you should change your vacuum pump oil, when the desired ultimate pressure is not achieved?


First, let's learn how an oil-sealed vacuum pump works!

To attain a state of "vacuum", it is obtained by forcing all gaseous material out of an enclosed space, so the space is completely empty.

A vacuum pump’s main function is to change the pressure in a contained space to create a vacuum. Pressure will always try to equalize across connected regions as gas molecules flow from high to low to fill the entire area of that volume.

Therefore, if a new low-pressure space is introduced, gas will naturally flow from high-pressure area to the new area of low-pressure until they are of equal pressure. 

Role of vacuum pump oil

The role of the oil used in an oil sealed vacuum pump is to lubricate between the case and rotor inside the pump, and to fill the gaps between all sliding parts, including those between the case and rotor, to maintain airtightness. It seals the parts, so that gas does not flow back from the high pressure part to the low pressure part . 


What might cause vacuum pump not pulling enough pressure

one of the reasons is due to the sludge, caused by deterioration of oil . Sludge is a blackish deterioration product that is generated from oil, and the presence of this sludge creates a gap between the case and rotor, which reduces efficiency. In addition, when sludge is interposed between metals, friction and temperature increases, further accelerating deterioration of oil and promoting sludge generation.

Therefore, it is a good idea to replace the oil in the vacuum pump with a new one. we recommend to replace with Rovac Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil

What makes Rovac Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil a good vacuum pump oil?

  • oil with minimum sludge generation

we can expect not only to increase performance of the pump, but also to reduce the frequency of oil changes. 

  • oil with low evaporation

A vacuum pump forcing all gaseous material and discharges gas to create a vacuum, so it is required the oil that have low evoporation with as little gaseous material as possible in order to maximize the performance 

  • oil with excellent seperation with water

Due to air contains water, water is expected to be built up overtime in the pump. with our excellent seperation with water, water can be easily drained out from the pump