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Sharp Edge Tester SET-50 C/w 22 or 43pcs Tape Cap TC-3
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  • Sharp Edge Tester SET-50
  • Option: c/w 22 or 43 pcs Tape Cap
  • Our Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ is the original sharp edge tester that was developed to satisfy Underwriter Laboratories U.L. Standard 1439 for the “determination of sharp edges”. It is the leader in product safety testing equipment for edge sharpness.
  • The Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ features a clam shell type housing that fits into the palm of your hand. It is constructed using a compact arm, sealed ball bearings to reduce friction, and a spring specifically designed to meet the latest Underwriters Laboratories’ force requirements. This housing ensures all moving mechanisms are protected against dirt and breakage.
  • Used according to directions, the tester provides proper pressure that, run along the edge of a manufactured item, will give a pass/fail result for the object’s safety for general use. A combination of the calibrated pressure applied by the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™, and the exact sensitivity of the tape caps that fit onto the pressure head of the tool, will result in a simple pass/fail that indicates if your product is safe. Tape caps are reusable until the test fails, and the tape cap is cut. Then it must be discarded. Our tester is very light weight and the tape caps fit easily onto the pressure head.
  • In order to perform a test, the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ must be used along with Tape Caps as provided with the Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™. Please note the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ comes with one (1) Tape Cap located on the pressure head of the tester. Should this Tape Cap be cut during edge sharpness testing, it must be discarded. It is important to have multiple Tape Caps on hand, especially during assembly line testing. That is why we offer the Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™. These Tape Caps are specifically designed to fit on the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™.
  • The Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ complies with Underwriters Laboratories U.L. Standard 1439. The tester includes a User’s Manual, a Certificate of Calibration, and one tape cap on the head of the tester.


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What's in the box
  • 1 x SET-50 Sharp Edge Tester
  • 22 x Tape Cap or 43 x Tape Cap