PTFE Coated Silica Thread 0.5mm Golden Brown Heat Resistant Fiberglass Sewing Thread 1kg Malaysia Supplier
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PTFE Coated Silica Thread

Size: 0.5mm Diameter x 1kg

Color: Golden Brown

PTFE Coated Silica Thread – a remarkable fusion of strength, heat resistance, and versatility. Crafted by combining high-quality silica fibers with a PTFE coating, this thread stands as a testament to exceptional performance in challenging environments.

Key Features:

Heat Defiance: Engineered to excel in extreme temperatures, our PTFE Coated Silica Thread confidently faces heat up to an astonishing 1800°F (982°C). This exceptional heat resistance ensures reliability in applications where other threads might falter.

Robust Silica Core: The thread's foundation is built upon continuous silica fibers, renowned for their durability and thermal insulation properties. This core empowers the thread to maintain its integrity even in the harshest conditions.

PTFE Shield: Embracing innovation, a PTFE (Teflon) coating envelops the silica core, adding an extra layer of protection and enhancing sewability. This combination provides reduced friction and exceptional ease during sewing.

Versatile Applications:

Our PTFE Coated Silica Thread finds its niche in a wide array of demanding applications:

High-Temperature Insulation: Ideal for sealing and stitching insulation materials in industries like aerospace, metallurgy, and automotive. The thread ensures that heat remains confined, contributing to energy efficiency and safety.

Welding Protection: In welding blankets and curtains, this thread takes on the role of safeguarding against sparks, molten metal, and heat. Its flame-resistant nature adds an extra layer of security in high-risk welding environments.

Foundry Operations: The thread's robustness makes it a valuable asset in foundries, where it contributes to the creation of heat-resistant curtains, covers, and protective gear.

Industrial Furnace Seals: Seamlessly enduring extreme temperatures, our PTFE Coated Silica Thread contributes to sealing applications in industrial furnaces and kilns, ensuring operational efficiency.

High-Performance Textiles: Elevating the standards of protective clothing, this thread plays a pivotal role in crafting heat-resistant gloves, suits, and aprons for workers in hazardous environments.

Unleash the Power of Resilience:

Whether it's sealing, stitching, or shielding, this thread’s ability to withstand heat and its inherent strength set it apart as a reliable companion in the face of adversity. 

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