How do you get rid of PVC sheet smell?

Where the space is relatively small compared to factories and warehouses, the smell of new PVC Curtain Sheet (polyvinyl chloride or Vinyl​​​​)​​, may be sensitive to some people.

Due to softener is used to make regular PVC Sheet to become soft and flexible in the manufacturing process. it cause the smell of the PVC, this also means that the odors is from the PVC itself, not from the surface, so even if you wipe it with a towel or wash it with detergent, you cannot remove the odor.

Although the smell will gone after direct sunlight or high temperature over time, be careful the disperse of softener will cause the PVC Sheet to be harden. If you are concerned about the smell, you may hang it outdoors for about 1 to 2 days, or in a well-ventilated place until the odor is reduced.

Therefore, it is also necessary to consider the environment when buying PVC sheet, we recommend to place the PVC sheet in well ventilation area.